Placecol Clearing Scrub Mask


Purifying Clay Mask 50 ml
A 2-in-1 mask that combines mild exfoliation with a deep cleansing action to remove skin impurities and cellular waste, while aiding in refining skin texture. Kaolin and Liposilt effectively assist with moisturising the skin and reducing sebum production, leaving the skin refreshed and clean.


Directions for use

Gently apply in massage movements to facial area after cleansing. Avoid sensitive eye area. Leave on the skin for 15 minutes, rinse off with tepid water and pat dry. Use twice a week.



Replenishing agent

Natural cleansing agent

Sebum inhibition

Removal of dead cells

Degreases skin

Decreases sebum production

Reduces the size of pores

Deep penetration agent

Mechanical exfoliation