Placecol Skin Care shines at the FASA Awards 2017

Franchisee of the Year - Madelein Klopper, Placecol Skin Care Clinic Elarduspark, Doringkloof & Watermeyer Park:

The Franchisee of the the Year award honours the 40 000 business owners who are the cogs in the wheels of franchising.  As franchising relies on the co-dependence of both franchisor and franchisee to create a win-win formula, the proof of the viability and appeal of franchising lies in what the 40 000 franchisees who own their own businesses think of their choice of franchising as the way to being their own boss.

The Winner of this years Franchisee of the Year Award was our very own Placecol Skin Care Clinic owner Madelein Klopper. Madelein, owns three Placecol Skin Care Clinics within the group, Placecol Elarduspark, Placecol Doringkloof and Placecol Watermeyer Park. Madelein is a passionate franchisee with and in-depth understanding of the beauty industry as well as a great sense for business.

Madelein does everything in her business with the following important principles in mind:

  • Service excellemce for every signle customer,
  • Teamwork to ensure her team grows,
  • and most importantly have fun in your business.
Brand Builder of the Year - Placecol Skin Care (Finalist):

The brand Placecol Skin Care was also part of the awards and received finalist recognition in the Brand Builder of the Year Category. In today’s marketplace, not a day goes by that consumers don’t interact with a franchise brand – whether it’s the coffee they pick up in the morning, the parcel they send or the visit to their favourite supermarket or beauty salon – chances are they will be using the services of a franchise brand. 

Brand Builder of the Year

Getting those brands well-known is an integral part of the franchise business model and, in today’s fast-moving communication and social media world, it is innovation rather than the size of the brand’s marketing budget that brings results. Placecol celebrated its 37th Anniversary this year as one of the leading beauty salon franchises. Our salons within the group have retained a loyal customer base over the years but, with markets changing, we did identify the need to develop a fresh new approach to attract younger customers. In the same way that people are more health conscious, they are also looking for purer skin products. We launched the Food for your Face campaign which shaped the brand personality to include a younger audience looking to complement their healthy lifestyle with healthy skin care. Winning prestigious awards for our range and marketing to a younger target market has yielded positive results.

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