Placecol Skin Care is the first group to launch wellness facials

Elma Mckenzie, an expert in the South African skin care industry, founded the award-winning Placecol skin care range in the 1980’s. “We are so grateful to all our loyal Placecol customers – some of whom have been using our brand for nearly 40 years – for making our journey possible,” says Esna Colyn, CEO of Imbalie Beauty.

In August 2018 the Group aligned with credible wellness partners to host various wellness events nationwide, to empower our customers on their personal wellbeing. The Group has hosted close to 40 wellness events nationally, with more to follow. Attendees have been given a sneak preview of Placecol’s new range of wellness facial treatments – a first to market. The purpose of our new facial treatments is to assist our customers to look and feel uplifted.

These new facial treatments are a build-up to Placecol’s 40th anniversary in 2020 and received the stamp of approval from Elma Mckenzie, our founder. Four decades on, the Placecol brand has remained true to its promise to offer South African women the very best in skin care products.

During April and May 2019 our Placecol skin care professionals have undergone intensive education on 3 new facial treatments to ensure our customers receive treatments that meet the highest standards of excellence.

The 3 new facial treatments being launched in Placecol skin care clinics are:

  • An Oxygenating Vitamin A Facial that is highly effective facial for revitalising and boosting tired skin. This facial product is naturally rich in Vitamin A, which tightens and firms the skin whilst stimulating microcirculation, to increase oxygen and nutrition to the cells. Rich in powerful antioxidants, the product protects the skin from free radical damage and is recommended for ageing and devitalised skin.
  • Placecol’s Betanin Hydration Facial an intensely cooling and hydrating facial and leaves the skin feeling refreshed, renewed and energised. This facial is recommended for dull, devitalised skin that is lacking in radiance. The facial is rich in Vitamin C to boost immunity and stimulate cell function, this facial also contains generous quantities of minerals essential for skin health, such as iron, potassium, manganese and the folate that is essential for healthy cell growth.
  • For oily problematic skin, the Cleansing Chlorophyll Facial is the answer to clearing and refining the skin.  This facial is highly successful in decreasing surface shine and detoxifying the skin, while simultaneously diminishing congestion and inflammation. When High Frequency Treatment is combined with the Cleansing Chlorophyll Facial the bacteria responsible for breakouts are effectively destroyed.  The result is visibly refreshed, clearer skin.

Trust Placecol to transform your skin…. in just 7 days.

Additional information:

Days Spas

Oxygenating Vitamin A Facial RSP R525

Oxygenating Vitamin A Facial

Betanin Hydration Facial RSP R525

Betanin Hydration Facial RSP R525

Cleansing Chlorophyll Facial RSP R475

Cleansing Chlorophyll Facial RSP 475

Treatments are available at any of our Placecol skin care clinics nationwide.

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