Placecol receives award for launched ‘Excellence’ skin care range

Placecol receives industry recognition with an award for their recently launched 'Excellence' skin care range.

On 10 October 2019, the recently launched Placecol Excellence skin care range was awarded the first runner up award in the best skin care range category from Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Review. This prestigious prize giving event was hosted by Symrise and Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Review in Sandton, Johannesburg. The professionals at Placecol are invested in their customers’ satisfaction and therefore, in creating award-winning products that improve the skin’s condition.

award for their recently launched 'Excellence' skin care range.

The Placecol Excellence range, four revolutionary skin care products launched in (insert month) 2019, were scientifically developed following an in-depth investigation into the different cellular functions associated with unique skin concerns. Each product is packed with the latest technology in active ingredients specifically targeting their clients most pressing skin concerns. For anyone looking to gently erase fine lines and reduce wrinkles, combat hyper-pigmentation or sun damage, refine their skin’s texture, or support skin recovery, Placecol’s Excellence range offers solutions.

All of the products in the Placecol Excellence range contain Sunflower oil, an antioxidant that is rich in Vitamin E to calm reactive skin and control signs of premature ageing. Rice peptides provide a nutritional supplement to the skin that actively improves barrier function and acts as a defense mechanism against stress. In addition, three of the products in the Excellence range (Gravity Lift, Brighten and Pure Solution) contain Tropaeolum Majus Flower, an anti-oxidant which offers skin protection against blue light rays (cell phone and screens), bringing Placecol clients the latest in skincare technology.

Trust Placecol to transform your skin…from the inside out.

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