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The Opulent Me Boutique

Start your journey to healthy and radiant skin with Placecol

Placecol is as invested in their customers’ satisfaction as they are in creating award-winning products that improve skin condition. The Placecol Promise means that you are just 7 days away from visible results.

Follow the skin-care routine recommended by your Placecol Skin Care Profesioanl for 7 days and see for yourself how the Placecol products live up to their promise. Continue to use to enjoy your skin’s newfound radiance.

The Opulent Me Boutique is very proud to announce the collaboration between Placecol Skin Care and ourselves.  Placecol is not just a skincare brand, it is a bespoke and luxurious brand shares the same values as the Opulent Me Boutique.  The marriage between the brands is organic and all natural.

opulent boutique
The Opulent Me Boutique is all about opulence and luxury.

We bring you bespoke and luxurious items and collections, and have taken your needs and wants into consideration and offer only the best in products and services. 

We have various collections in beauty – fitness – jewelry – clothing and so much more  

Being associated with the top modeling competition in South Africa, it’s only fit that we offer the best to our clients and family. 

Opulent Models South Africa

Opulent Models South Africa (OMSA) is one of the leading international professional model search competitions, with a proven history of discovering new model talent and creating dreams. Being the most prestigious model search in the country, OMSA is without a doubt the biggest platform for new models to be discovered in South Africa.

Entries are open for anyone, for males and females of all nationalities and walks of life, with professional scouts traveling all over the country to find that special talent. No modeling experience is required and all finalists are selected by interview by industry professionals.