Imbalie Beauty launches its new digital iBLOOM Beauty and Wellness Academy


Imbalie Beauty has officially launched the new iBLOOM Beauty & Wellness Academy on the 2nd of October, 2020.  This incredible achievement is yet another milestone in the Imbalie Beauty group’s journey of empowerment and education within the beauty and wellness industry, as well as embracing continued digital transformation for the group.  

Whilst interacting with salon franchise and independent partners and beauty therapists, during lockdown, it became apparent that not only is there a need for continuous professional development and training, but even more so, that there was no single, unique platform which enabled qualified practitioners within the beauty and wellness industry, to continue their personal professional growth and transformation, at their own pace and during timeslots that suited them.

This led to the establishment of the iBLOOM Beauty & Wellness Academy, a premium professional development organisation, focusing on refinement, prestige and leadership.  Through a combination of on-line and physical training, as required, the academy will provide on-going professional beauty education and transformation for professionals within our country. However, it also puts South Africa on the map, as the beauty and wellness training is available to professionals globally, via this digital platform.

With 40 years’ experience through the Placecol skin care brand, and 124 beauty salons nationally, the Imbalie Beauty group is well placed in terms of expertise for delivering premium skin care and beauty training courses.  All the training is headed up by Lisa Leibov, Director and Principal of the iBLOOM Beauty & Wellness Academy, with 24 years of specialized training experience, in combination with various partners, who are subject matter experts within their specific fields. The initial training courses already available on the Academy platform, includes treatments such as Henna Brows, Lash Lift and Brow Lamination, Threading, Dermaplaning as well as training on Make-up.  Courses will continuously be added as the Academy grows, thereby providing a relevant and up-to-date platform for the development of professional knowledge and skills for beauty and wellness practitioners, of all abilities.

“No matter how long a professional has been within the beauty and wellness industry, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for them to begin their own personal journey of growth and transformation” states Lisa. “Whether it is to become an expert or a leader to inspire others around them or simply to stay abreast of the latest trends in beauty and wellness solutions – by immersing themselves in the Academy offerings, these professionals will be offering ‘the best of themselves’,  when servicing their clients”.

Esna Colyn, CEO of Imbalie Beauty, continues to inspire the industry with her vision for this new Academy,  as she strives to raise the bar for the industry to a new standard of excellence.

“Our vision for the iBLOOM Beauty & Wellness Academy is not just about education” she says. “It is also to set operational, theoretical and practical standards of Beauty and Wellness excellence, to create a platform and opportunity for industry experts and brand specialists to teach and mentor professionals as they grow, to create beauty and wellness industry leaders and to ensure continuous innovation within the industry around new products, skills and best practice”. 

 “My heartfelt hope is that all of these initiatives and our overall vision for this Academy, will serve to elevate and empower our wonderful beauty and wellness professionals in South Africa, as well the industry, as a whole”, concludes Esna.

For more details on how to enrol on the digital iBLOOM Beauty & Wellness Academy, contact or call Toll Free on 0861 11 22 22.