Imbalie Beauty and Supernova Wax

Staying smooth is even easier this summer with Imbalie Beauty and Supernova Wax

As a long-standing leader in the South African beauty landscape, Imbalie Beauty completes tens of thousands of wax treatments each year, helping our clientele in their quest to stay smooth and hair-free. We are committed to bringing our clients market-leading products and services, and are delighted to announce that we will be introducing the Supernova Wax range into all Placecol, Dream Nails and Perfect 10 salons nationwide.

As the official national supplier, Helia-D confirms that “Supernova Wax is the latest in wax technology which greatly reduces pain and skin reactions for customers! It is a lightly fragranced, synthetic wax, which is applied at a warm and gentle temperature.”

Imbalie Beauty is currently conducting extensive training using Supernova Wax with all salon therapists. “Melinda van der Walt, as the No. 1 Waxing and Training specialist in South Africa is committed to ensuring our therapists are well trained, so that our customers can really benefit from this amazing product. Our aim is to ensure our valued customers experience less pain, reduced skin reactions and skin redness, when they visit our salons for a waxing treatment, says Lisa Leibov, Principal of the Imbalie Beauty Training Academy.

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