40 Ways To Celebrate You – Self Love

From a spiritual point of view, in many cultures and religions, the number forty (40) is considered a master
number; representing a specific length of time where people often choose to go through a state of purification.
This separation from our hectic, daily lives can result in the sharpening of the senses and a deeper connection
to the world around us. We begin to trust our intuition more, pick up on vibrational wisdom from the universe or
become firmer in our faith in God and generally feel ready to move into a new phase of life.

This is how we feel at Placecol right now – being on the cusp of our 40 year anniversary. We’ve gone through
many refinement processes during the last four decades, all with the aim of bringing authentic radiance and
beauty to the world. We’re thrilled about the years ahead and in honour of our forty journeys around the sun,
we’re sharing 40 Ways to Celebrate You – looking at authentic ways to make life better – under our categories of
Self, Health, Spirit, Relationships, Family, Joy, Work and Purpose.

This month, it’s all about SELF-LOVE. And with ‘COVID-19’ changing the way we are now living around the world,
what better time to turn inwards for reflection and to focus on your inner self!
Here are some helpful ways to do just that…

Sometimes the concept of self-love is a little overwhelming. Good advice is to watch your negative thoughts as
well how you speak to yourself. We can be our own ‘worst critic’, worrying about what other people think and
often harshly judging the way we look or telling ourselves that we should be so much more. It’s time to turn
that around. You are unique and need to appreciate, value and accept yourself for who you are. Embrace
yourself fully and treasure every little detail that makes up the ‘unique’ you. Try and make the voice in your
head kinder and think about yourself the way you would a close friend whom you love. And don’t forget the
little things as well, like spending time in nature, admiring the beauty of a flower or wearing colours and
textures, which make your soul sing.

Make Time for Yourself
There’s a lot to be said for taking time for deep reflection and meditation. Meditation is practised all over the
world in different ways. It’s a time of pondering, contemplating, deep thinking or prayer, shutting out all the
noise around you and actively seeking out stillness. But truly, getting there, Lotus position or not and
communing with your inner-self is not always easy, so we often end up just carrying on with the ‘busyness of
life’. But in Julia Cameron’s extraordinary book, The Artists Way, she introduces the gentle concept of taking
yourself out on an artist’s date. No family, friends or pets. Just you and perhaps a notebook or a plate of
delicious food. From there, it’s a just a small step to finding a bit more time for deeper meditation in order to
restore your energy, let go of your daily responsibilities and focus on your inner development and spiritual
growth. This national lockdown has given us the perfect chance to find that quiet time every day, but when
normality kicks back in, let’s keep this going – even once or twice a week for one hour, you’ll never regret taking
that time out for you!

Accepting yourself and others
While you are getting more comfortable in accepting and embracing yourself, remember it’s about accepting
others too. We all have different preferences and think or act in our own unique way compared to those around
us. A little love, patience, respect for others plus open and honest communication will go a long way to helping
you find the balance for harmonious relationships with others. And remember…
when you let go a little, by accepting yourself, accepting others
and not stressing about all those ‘unimportant things’, you
will fill your life with grace and peace.

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