40 Ways To Celebrate You – Health

“It is health that is real wealth” – Ghandi

There’s never been a more crucial time to think about our health! After being in our homes for over 50 days and as we slowly start emerging from lockdown, top of mind is how we have fared during this time. Am I healthy enough? Is my immune system strong enough to fight off this virus and other illnesses? These are just two of the questions we might ask of ourselves, not only because we’ve seen the effects around the world of COVID 19, but also due to the fact that the winter season of ‘colds and flu’ is also almost upon us.  

This month, we look at the topic of HEALTH, with a few tips on how to improve our overall health and wellbeing. So, even if you have become a desk or couch potato, there’s still time to change up a few things, so that you can start celebrating how great you look and feel, when your ‘lockdown experience’ is over. 


Change your attitude and when you are out, take the first parking space available and walk from there, instead of driving around looking for the parking space closest to where you need to go. This new habit guarantees that you will get some exercise! It is proven that exercise slows the ageing process. Exercise to increase oxygen in your cells. Any type of exercise from walking to highly cardiovascular aerobic exercise will do. Just do it. 

Healthy Breakfast

A number of studies have shown than eating breakfast leads to improved mood and better memory. Breakfast eaters tend to be less stressed and feel calmer. Adults perform better in mental tasks after eating breakfast and children perform better at school. Skipping breakfast can mean missing out on essential nutrients. 

This can have a negative effect on both short- and long-term health and can accelerate the ageing process.

Eating a healthy, balanced breakfast can have a really positive effect both physically and mentally. Not having breakfast and missing out on the essential nutrients can accelerate the ageing process. Do not skip breakfast.

Boosting your Immune System

For optimum health, drinking plenty of water and boosting your immune system is essential right now. Starting your day with a hot water drink of lemon, turmeric or honey, drinking green tea and cooking with ginger are just some of the natural boosters we can easily do daily. And to ensure that our cells are functioning optimally, there are some amazing natural supplements, such as the AIM products, packed full of vitamins and essential nutrients for overall health and well-being. 

Quality Sleep

Before performing this pre-sleep routine, have a relaxing warm bath or shower. Get yourself comfortable in bed (no music or television). Pause between each step and breathe easily for a moment before continuing.

  1. Lie on your back with a pillow under your head. Close your eyes and breathe regularly and evenly.
  2. Start by tensing all the muscles in your legs and feet, hold for a few moments and then slowly release.
  3. Tense your arms and clench your hands into fists, hold this position for a few minutes, then slowly release.
  4. Tense the muscles in your abdomen for a few moments, then slowly release.

5. Tense your shoulders and hunch them up towards your ears, hold this position for a few moments and then slowly release.

6. Finally, screw your face up into a grimace, hold this position for a few moments, then slowly release.

Relaxed muscles will help you to obtain good-quality sleep and all the nourishment that brings. Poor quality sleep prevents our self-regenerating mechanisms from repairing and restoring us at a cellular level. Sleep is considered to be the new wonder drug

Mental Health

The brain is arguably the most important organ in our body with approximately 86 billion neurons (nerve cells). It controls and coordinates actions and reactions, allows us to think and feel, and enables us to have memories and feelings—all the things that make us human.

It is therefore so important that we protect our mental health and seek help from psychologists, health practitioners and our loved ones, if we feel that we are not coping or may have a more serious chemical imbalance and need help. Counselling, talking to a friend and journaling are key tools to help us keep a check on our mental health.

Emotional Well-being and Doing Things We Love

When it comes to our emotional wellness, it all ties back to last month’s theme of self-love. Regularly doing things we love, things that makes us laugh, brings us joy and taking care of ourselves contributes to our overall emotional well-being. Declutter your cupboards and mind, pamper yourself with a home facial or treat yourself to an online skin consultation with a Placecol skin care professional. Take a leap of faith with that new business idea that you’ve been thinking about and start really living your purpose. When we challenge ourselves to go outside of our comfort zones, even just a little, we start to achieve more with our minds and bodies than we ever thought was possible. That, in itself, builds our self-esteem, which in turn makes us feel whole.  

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step.

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